Rechtwinklige Dreiecke Rechner

Bitte geben zwei Eigenschaften des rechtwinkligen Dreiecks

Symbole verwenden: a, b, c, A, B, h, T, p, r, R

Die Rechner für rechtwinklige Dreiecke berechnen Winkel, Seiten (benachbart, gegenüberliegend, Hypotenuse) und Flächen eines rechtwinkligen Dreiecks und verwenden sie in der realen Welt. Zwei unabhängige Eigenschaften bestimmen vollständig jedes rechtwinklige Dreieck. Der Taschenrechner bietet eine schrittweise Erklärung für jede Berechnung.

  Ein rechtwinkliges Dreieck ist eine Art Dreieck mit einem Winkel von C = 90 °. In einem rechten Dreieck ist die Seite c, die dem Winkel C = 90 ° gegenüberliegt, die längste Seite des Dreiecks und wird als Hypotenuse bezeichnet. Die Variablen a, b sind die Längen der kürzeren Seiten, auch Beine oder Arme genannt. Variablen für Winkel sind A, B oder α (alpha) und β (beta). Die Variable h bezieht sich auf die Höhe des Dreiecks, dh die Länge vom Scheitelpunkt C bis zur Hypotenuse des Dreiecks.

Beispiele für die Berechnung des rechten Dreiecks:

Ein rechtwinkliges Dreieck bei Wortproblemen in der Mathematik:

  • Triangle P2
    1right_triangle Can a triangle have two right angles?
  • Height of right RT
    euclid_theorem The right triangle ABC has a hypotenuse c 9 cm long and a part of the hypotenuse cb = 3 cm. How long is the height of this right triangle?
  • Vector 7
    vectors_sum0_1 Given vector OA(12,16) and vector OB(4,1). Find vector AB and vector |A|.
  • Height
    thales_law Is it true that the height is less or equal to half of the hypotenuse in any right triangle?
  • Double ladder
    dvojak The double ladder is 8.5m long. It is built so that its lower ends are 3.5 meters apart. How high does the upper end of the ladder reach?
  • Cableway
    cable-car Cableway has a length of 1800 m. The horizontal distance between the upper and lower cable car station is 1600 m. Calculate how much meters altitude is higher upper station than the base station.
  • Height 2
    1unilateral_triangle Calculate the height of the equilateral triangle with side 27.
  • Triangle ABC
    lalala In a triangle ABC with the side BC of length 2 cm The middle point of AB. Points L and M split the AC side into three equal lines. KLM is an isosceles triangle with a right angle at the point K. Determine the lengths of the sides AB, AC triangle ABC.
  • Ladder
    rebrik_2 The ladder has a length 3.5 meters. He is leaning against the wall so that his bottom end is 2 meters away from the wall. Determine the height of the ladder.
  • Right angled
    right-triangle From the right triangle with legs 12 cm and 20 cm we built a square with the same content as the triangle. How long will be side of the square?
  • Euclid2
    euclid In the right triangle ABC with a right angle at C is given side a=29 and height v=17. Calculate the perimeter of the triangle.
  • Cable car
    lanovka Cable car rises at an angle 45° and connects the upper and lower station with an altitude difference of 744 m. How long is "endless" tow rope?
  • Chauncey
    right_triangle Chauncey is building a storage bench for his son’s playroom. The storage bench will fit into the corner and against two walls to form a triangle. Chanuncy wants to buy a triangular shaped cover for the bench. If the storage bench is 2 1/2 ft. Along one wa
  • Four ropes
    vysilac TV transmitter is anchored at a height of 44 meters by four ropes. Each rope is attached at a distance of 55 meters from the heel of the TV transmitter. Calculate how many meters of rope were used in the construction of the transmitter. At each attachment
  • Calculate
    equilateral_triangle2 Calculate the length of a side of the equilateral triangle with an area of 50cm2.

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